"Happy is the person who finds
wisdom and gains understanding" PR 3:13
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The teaching philosophy at David La Pour Golf is one of part science and part art. We believe that there is some steadfast principles (physics) to playing the game of golf that apply to everyone. Couple that with the application, which we call art (intangibles) of playing, and you'll have a contented golfer. DLP Golf uses some of the basics of learning which include:
  • Understanding what to do (and why if necessary)
  • Feel the correct move (kinesiology)
  • Practical application (play on course)
  • Evaluation with possible correction
David is the Director of Instruction at Colleton River Plantation Club in Bluffton South Carolina. His rates are $150 per hour. Junior golfers 15 and younger get a 25% discount. Phone# 651-492-6896

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David La Pour Golf • 60 Colleton River Dr • Bluffton, SC • 29910 • 843-836-4413
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