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Winter Golf - January 2010
Taken from: The Playing Building Block
By David La Pour

This winter is a great time to brush up on your golf game and work on adjustments that you may have put off during a busy golf season. Just because the grass on the courses become dormant doesnít mean you should (see tip below). The game of golf never seems to rest so in keeping with our vision of operating the finest teaching program for a club community in the U.S.A, the Colleton River Golf Academy has created several ways to keep your game up to par. The Winter Series Seminar program based on the seven building blocks is a great way to improve on your fundamentals and overall confidence with any aspect of the game. The nine week skills test program (our version of Big Break) starting in March will again be offered in order to continue our goal of creating a fun and productive learning experience for the members and their guests. The CRGA Academy Day offered the first Saturday of each month, weekly clinics such as the Lady Linksters, Ladies Only Clinic, Saturday Open Clinic, and our flagship CRGA Golf Schools are great ways to consistently work on your game. Our CRGA certified instructors are also available for private and group lessons all of which can be booked online at ForeTees.

In our effort to help you ďManage Your Golf GameĒ we encourage you to continue take advantage of these winter time instructional offerings so you will be ready for this spring. On behalf of all the CRGA Instructors, we wish you a happy and productive New Year!

Adjust your golf game to the season you are in
During the winter or "Grass Dormant" time of year, the Colleton River Golf Academy suggests adjusting your golf game to suit the conditions.

As the weather gets cooler and the days become shorter, the grass on the course stops growing. Consequently the rough is not as thick and the fairways are thin (also known as tight). The seasoned player will recognize these conditions during the dormant season (Dec.-Feb.) and adjust their game accordingly.

One of the suggestions we have is to chip with a hybrid club. Because there is not as much grass around the green, this chip shot played with a hybrid can get you good results. We suggest using a club between 21 and 26 degrees, play the ball in the middle or slightly back in your stance, stand close to the ball gripping down on the club. The motion is a one turn back and a two turn through using no wrists!

This is a high percentage shot that will roll a lot so take some time practicing it and donít be afraid to land it short of the green and let it roll onto the green. If you need any assistance with this shot or other parts of your game contact one of our CRGA instructors. Good luck with it!
Hyrbrid for chipping
The Hybrid chip on # 16 green at the Nicklaus course

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