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Consistency part 7: Ball Position - February 2007
By David La Pour

Because the golf season is almost upon us, the web tips will now have two parts to them. The first part will be instructional, the second part will talk about what is happening in golf that month that our staff feels is important for our customers to know (Tournaments, golf shows, etc.).

After the last six tips on posture and how to aim, working from the ground up, the next topic is ball position. Ball position is one of the most debated topics among amateurs and professionals as well. One of the main reasons is that it is hard to duplicate every single time on the course and may change from club to club! Along with those variables comes the real determining factor of how the golfer shifts their weight.

In my opinion as an instructor, where the person's weight is while they are swinging directly affects where the club will bottom out, consequently affecting clean or not so clean contact. There are, of course, other variables to consider like swing plane, body type, equipment, strength and flexibility, but in my money opinion weight is a biggie. For the sake of this article, we will have to make some basic assumptions that the golfer is of medium height, strength and flexibility, and their clubs fit. We will call this person "Average Golfer", who for all intents and purposes would like to hit the ball first and the ground second for most shots he takes. The greenside bunker and a few other specialty shots will require hitting the ground first, which we will talk about in a future web tip. Another point to think about until next month's tip is the fact that your heels, not your toes, determine ball position.

Since February in Minnesota is a good month to rescue your clubs from the garage before they start rusting, go to the dome or come visit me at the Minnesota Golf Show Friday the 23rd from 2 to 7 pm for a free 10 minute lesson. I will be there with three other PGA Professionals on the driving range helping people with their ball position! Hope to see you there!

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