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Consistency part 8: Ball Position II - March 2007
By David La Pour

In continuing our conversation about ball position, with the average golfer transferring their weight correctly (a little on the back swing and a lot on the follow through), ball position will be determined by the club you hit. For years a very famous and successful golfer taught one ball position for all clubs, with which I don't agree. This player has since had 2 hip replacements, partially from having one ball position and having to slide to get whatever club he was hitting on the ball.

Instead of having to go get the golf ball with a lateral slide, I suggest playing the ball in the middle of your stance with the shorter clubs and further toward your lead instep with the longer clubs. This window of ball position is usually smaller than people think, ranging from three to five inches, and of course depends on how aggressive the golfers weight shift is. Remember that our heels or ankles determine our ball position, so don't forget to use your aim club (Nov. 2006 tip) on the ground to help reference your ball position.

As the snow melts away and the temperatures reach the high 50's, you can't help but start to get the itch to get out there and play. WP Golf Properties will be open as soon as the last white of snow melts away. Long known for being the first courses to open in the east metro area, you can find out if we are open by going to www.wpgolf.com.

Next month we will talk more about ball position and preview the "Play Golf Minnesota Week" April 23-29. For more information about the official golf opener go to www.minnesotapga.com.

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