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Courses are Open! - April 2006
By David La Pour

Spring is here and all the WP Properties are open. The golf courses and practice facilities are open and although the greens are not green, you can still putt on them. This also happens to be a great time of year to score well. Because there is virtually no rough and little grass in the fairway, the ball will travel further and the golf courses will play shorter. There is also the possibility that most golfers are reacting to the golf shots instead of thinking about them. This last statement deals with the conscience verses the subconscious and ultimately is the best way to play golf. One of the most successful teaching techniques that we use in our golf schools is the art of golf, which is your best golf.

In order to tap into your best golf you need to be able to get out of the way of yourself on the golf course and play the game. I'd suggest using two key elements in order to tap into the 'art' of golf. They are the pre-shot routine and ritual:

 • The pre-shot routine is a sequence of events leading up to hitting the golf shot. Generally you want to start behind the ball and visualize your shot. You should also pick an intermediate target to aim at. Iíve also seen players take a practice swing from this position, which is optional. Next you move to the side of the ball for one or two practice swings. Finally you address the golf ball and get ready for your ritual.
 • The ritual is a sequence of events that include hitting the ball. A simple suggestion is to lift your thumb slightly off the grip, put it back on the grip, take the club back, then take the club through. This ritual has four movements, but be careful not to have a ritual that uses more than eight movements. The idea is to preoccupy your conscience mind so your subconscious mind can do the heavy lifting.

As you get further into the spring/summer, try customizing your routine and ritual so it become second nature and you should start playing your best golf. Good luck with this and I hope to see you on the course!

PS Look for my DVD instructional series "Managing Your Golf Game" in WP pro shops and on this website soon soon!

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