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Consistency: Ball position for different shots - April 2007
By David La Pour

Most recently we talked about ball position for your full swing, but what about all the other shots in golf?

Since full swing makes up only a small percentage of the game of golf, we should talk about putting, short game, and different lies/trouble shots. Starting with putting, most research shows that we will roll the ball better when we stroke the ball on an ascending blow. This means that if your putting stroke comes up on the back swing and down to the ball and then up again on the follow through like most people (semi-pendulum), you'll want to play the ball slightly forward (one to two inches) of where the putter bottoms out.

Part of the ball position equation also deals with where your suspension point is (how you grip the putter), but whatever you decide on, the ball should be slightly ahead of your putter grip at address. It's hard to emphasize enough the importance of good ball position with putting, especially when it makes up roughly 43% of our score. Don't be afraid to play with this a little and see what works best with your stroke.

Next month we will talk about the short game and ball position. The month of April hosts several different and exciting golf events. Our golf schools and teaching programs are all starting up but the big one is "Play Golf Minnesota Week!" April 23rd. At all of the WP Golf Properties, we are offering different discounts and promotions for the official Minnesota golf opener. Aside from the Governor getting involved in the swing of things, we are offering a different promotional each day at the courses. The themes for each day for the week of April 23rd are:
Monday- College Day
Tuesday- Senior Day
Wednesday- Ladies Day
Thursday- Charity Day
Friday- Get Fit For Golf Day
Saturday- Play Golf Minnesota Day
Sunday- Family Day

As you can see we have something for everyone. For more information go to www.wpgolf.com and click on "Play Golf Minnesota Week", and we look forward to seeing you at the club!

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