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2 putt or not 2 putt? - May 2006
By David La Pour

As golfers, we all are aware of the importance of putting. Since it makes up roughly 43% of the game, you may want to consider spending 43% of your time practicing it. It is widely held that you should average 2 putts per green, or 36 putts per 18 holes when you play golf. A good putter would be someone who averages roughly 32 putts per round, while some of the best putters in the world range from 27.47 (#1 Arron Baddeley) to 29.73 (#168 Tiger Woods) putts per round.

How about if we just settle for average? Most recreational golfers would be very happy with 2 putts per green, and consequently their scores would be lower. So how do you go about improving your putting? You need two things to stroke a good putt. Good distance and good direction, of which distance is more important. This is why I think you should take some advice from our junior golf programs held at our 5 WP Golf Properties. Because the junior golfers are relatively new to golf, I encourage them to finish putting once they’ve started. I have noticed that if the student keeps putting to the hole, their speed or distance control is much more accurate then it would be if they were starting and stopping (marking) on the putting green. Since the speed of the green is still fresh in their minds, they have a better chance of taking fewer putts and taking less time.

As adults, I think we could learn from the kids. So when students ask me if they should mark their ball or finish, I encourage them to take their time, do their routine, and finish out. Aside from their distance control being better and taking fewer putts, the pace of play is a little faster (which is almost always good). The USGA rulebook recommends 50 seconds for the first person to putt and 40 seconds for everyone else on the green.

Oh and by the way, if needed, we have the kids pick up after their fourth putt, but hopefully you won’t have to! Good luck with your distance control, and I’ll see you on the course!

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