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How to hold the club - June 2005
By David La Pour

There is a lot written about how to hold the golf club. I intentionally stay away from the word grip because it implies tension, and that never helps anyone. I have found there to be three basic shots on the golf course: full swing, short game, putting. As a result, there are three ways to hold the club in order to help with the shot.

The full swing usually has what's called a strong "grip", where both the lead and trailing hands hold the club in the fingers and form a "V" which points toward the back shoulder.

Four different styles of this full swing hold are:
   1) 10 finger
   2) Overlapping
   3) Interlocking
   4) Interlace

The short game seems to work better with a neutral hold where the "V"s mentioned in the full swing are pointing at the middle of your chest.

The putting stroke is different than the above two shots because we don't need the finger or wrist muscles help us with the shot. Because of this, I find that resting the putter in the lifeline of the lead hand, or even both hands, takes the club out of the fingers and puts it more in the palms. Hopefully this will cut down on your putter face rotation, and your shoulders will become more engaged.

Finally, students ask me how tightly they should hold the club. I usually say on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the death grip) try a 5 for full swing/short game and a 6 for putting. If you're not sure what a 5 feels like, take a hold of the club and lift it until it's parallel to the ground. The tension that it takes to maintain control of the club without it falling out of your hand is a 5. This is a good start to having a proper hold on the club and a grip on your golf game. If you need more help with your hold or your game, give us a call at one of the WP properties. Good luck and I'll see you at the club!

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