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Managing Your Golf Game - June 2006
By David La Pour

Over the years and after thousands of lessons, Iíve compiled a short list of the most popular requested lessons goals. Over the next couple of months I will attempt to address each of these with the help of the WP Golf Institute. The list below is not only from Minnesota golf students but also from students that I have encountered in the 30 different states that I have taught in over the past 18 years. Check below to see if you have searched for one or more of the lessons goals below:
 • Consistency
 • Desire to know how to improve (in all aspects)
 • Avoid embarrassment (I call it the 'E' factor)
 • How to hit the ball further
 • Getting rid of the slice
 • Video requests
 • Putting

After working with all these requests and more, I decided to make 12 instructional videos called "Managing Your Golf Game" which addresses these lesson goals. If you canít wait for me to finish these less than complete web tips you may consider picking up one of these DVDís that are now available in the 5 WP golf shops and online at my web site www.davidlapourgolf.com. Each video is roughly 30 minutes long and are titled:
  1. The Science of Putting
  2. The Art of Putting
  3. Green reading
  4. Putting Games and drills
  5. Chipping
  6. Pitching
  7. Distance Wedge
  8. Greenside Bunker
  9. The Full Swing
  10. Body Types & The Full Swing (with Body Balance)
  11. Pre-Shot Routine & Ritual
  12. Trouble Shooting your wedges and full swing

Without going into too much detail, the goal of the videos is to empower the golf student to be able to control in a small way what is going on during their round of golf. So whether you are putting or hitting a tee shot, you are able to manage your way around the golf course. Good luck with your management and I'll see you on the course!

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