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Lower your score now! - July 2005
By David La Pour

In order to immediately lower your golf score, can you guess what is the most important shot? It's the first putt on each putting green as you try and finish the hole. Some people call this the lag putt, but whatever you call it, your main goal is to make it. (Or at worst leave yourself a tap in.) If you do this, your putting average should be right around 33 putts per round (mostly two-putts, with three one-putt holes). If golfers in America could say they average 33 putts per round, most of them would be ecstatic! Consequently, if a golfer comes to me averaging 30 putts or less, I tend to work with them on something other than their putting. Below are some suggestions on how to control your speed and leave yourself a tap in:
 • Study the terrain before you walk onto the green.
 • Establish where "low" is and how much break the putt may have.
 • Walk half the distance of the putt. This will help you discern whether the putt is up or down hill, as well as how far it is.
 • Take plenty of practice swings, getting the feel for what it will take to leave the ball around the hole.
 • Focus on a six-foot circle around the hole right before you take the putter back.
 • Stroke your putt and hold your finish until the ball stops rolling.

It's important to realize that distance is more important than direction, so you should spend your time and energy focusing in that department. Hopefully you will be leaving yourself a tap in, or better yet picking the ball out of the hole! If you'd like more help with your putting or golf game in general, feel free to contact one of our WP golf instructors and as always, I'll see you on the course!

PS Nationwide Tour event July 11-17 at Troy Burne Golf Club in Hudson WI
3M Champions Tour event August 1-7 at TPC Twin Cities in Blaine MN
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