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The Seven Building Blocks - July 2009
By David La Pour

In an effort to help Colleton River member Manage Their Golf Game, the Colleton River Golf Academy has designed seven building blocks to help you improve your golf game and enjoyment of playing. This comprehensive instructional program is designed to help you make the best of your practicing and playing while here at the Plantation. Today’s golf tip is taken from the Full Swing building block and offers some insight to better ball striking and consistency. The top row of photos shows a common mistake seen in golfers here at Colleton River. The bottom row of photos shows the correct and athletic way to strike a golf ball.
Golf tips
Weight and ball
position too forward
"Over the top" downswing No release or
re-cocking of club

Golf tips
"Pre-loaded at
Inside path to ball Natural release &
re-cocking of club
As you can see from the photos above, the preferred set up, downward path, and resulting release are fundamental in our Full Swing building block and is taught by our CRGA golf professionals. If you need help with your full swing or any of the other building blocks highlighted above, please contact us at the Nicklaus or Dye golf shop and let us help you “Manage Your Golf Game”!

David La Pour
Director of Instruction
Colleton River Golf Academy

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