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Consistency: Ball position for short game big chip - August 2007
By David La Pour

In our previous article, we talked about ball position with a little chip; but what about the big chip?

The big chip is a shot that is used when you are a little farther off the green than the little chip (about 20 to 50 feet), and you need a little loft to get the ball on the green. The best way to picture this shot is by imagining that you are throwing a ball onto the green and rolling it to the pin. This shot usually goes about eye height (five to six feet in the air), and releases to the hole once it is on the green. With this shot you need a minimum of ten to fifteen feet of green to work with before you get to the pin. Because we still want to hit the ball first, we will play the ball in the middle of our stance in order to give you the height needed to get over the rough and fringe. Depending on where the pin is, I will use anything from a 60-degree lob wedge all the way to an eight iron if the pin is back. Play with your clubs a little to get a history of how they will react to this shot, then take it to the course!

As we cruise through the summer, the WP Golf Institute is busy with junior golf programs, golf schools and of course private lessons. If you need any help with the big chip shot described above or any other parts of your golf game give us a call or send us an email, and we will contact you shortly. Good luck with this shot and we will see you on the course!

PS: In July David was again listed in Golf Digest as one of the top 10 golf instructors in Minnesota for 2007-2008! Congrats David!

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