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Consistency Part 3: Posture - September 2006
By David La Pour

Now that we have talked about how to hold the club, the next step in consistency is golf posture. Itís interesting to note that although we are not all built the same, the posture should come from the same place, our knees and hips. Whether you are putting, chipping, or doing a full swing, the posture still comes from these two main sources:

I feel that the main purpose of the slight knee flex is to take pressure off of our lower back as we tilt forward from the hips. It also gets us into an ďathletically readyĒ position that will help with correct weight shift. The first step in getting the correct knee flex is to stand up straight, put your hands on your hips with your thumbs pointing behind you. At this point flex just your knees about 2 inches or until you cannot see your shoelaces when you look down (you should still be able to see your toes). Sometimes bouncing a little will help find a comfortable flex.

With your hands still on your hips and your knees now flexed, take your thumbs and push them forward toward your toes, creating a tilt from the hips. If measured, this spine angle can range anywhere from 22 to 28 degrees from vertical. Ideally you would now be able to see your shoelaces again. If your body type does not allow for this view of your shoelaces donít worry. The minimum amount of posture that a golfer needs is, enough posture to allow the arms to hang freely form your shoulders and slightly out from your stomach or chest. Men generally have to swing over their stomachs and women usually have to swing over their chests.

The best way to practice the moves mentioned above is at home looking at your profile in a mirror or a big glass window. The visual feedback that you get will help you on your way to great golf posture. One last thing, your golf posture will remain pretty much the same from the driver all the way to the putting green, so the length of the club will determine your distance to the ball, not changing your posture. Next month we will talk about stance, ball position, and the correct distance to the ball. Until then, good luck with your game and Iíll see you on the course!

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