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Where Did All The Golfers Go? - October 2005
By David La Pour

This is my third fall in the great state of Minnesota and I'm starting to see a pattern. I'm not sure if it's the geese flying south, Labor Day on the calendar, hunting/football season or the kids going back to school, but I just played 18 holes at Oak Marsh Golf Club in Oakdale in two and a half hours! You have to love an empty golf course (and driving range). It's funny, but the same 85-degree sunshine type day in May or June would be a four-hour round on the same course because of the crowds. Fall is becoming my favorite time of year, not only because of the empty golf courses but also because the courses are in great shape; not to mention the beautiful fall foliage. The leaves are my biggest complaint, but that is easily offset by the discounts that the golf courses offer in the "off" season.

Because the margin of error is so small, the game doesn't let you take 6 months off and allow you to pick up where you left off. So if you think it's too late to work on your game, think again. As I've mentioned in previous articles, fall and especially winter, are the best times to work on your swing. I'd suggest taking an outdoor lesson from one of your WP Institute Pros to help you define what to work on during the cold days. The Pros' schedules are a little freer than in the summer, so find one or two things to work on for the winter and stick with it. Be sure to have a game plan on how to work on your one or two things at home, so you stay on the right track. In next months article, we will be publishing the winter series program for the WP properties along with some other ideas on how to keep it going in the off season. Until then, enjoy the fall golf and I'll see you on the course!
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