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Winter Golf Series Returns For Third Year - November 2005
By David La Pour

Back by popular demand the WP Golf Institute for the third straight year in a row will be offering the Winter Series from December to May. The six-subject, wintertime classes, will be offered at Oak Marsh Golf Club in Oakdale and Lost Spur Golf Club in Eagan and cover different aspects of golf from putting to rules. Because of the nature of the game and the continual small margin of error in golf, it's unrealistic to anticipate similar golf next spring after a 6-month layoff because we, unlike golf, continually change. Some people gain weight, some lose their flexibility, some lose their hand eye coordination, we all change physically and we all lose a little rhythm. That's why it's important to keep your 'foot in the door' where golf is concerned.

So try to avoid putting the golf clubs away and continue working on your game either through the winter series or hitting balls in the golf domes around the twin cities. The Winter Golf Series offers a good opportunity to keep you going in the right direction with your game during those snowy nights. The WP Golf Institute is offering 6 different areas to work on from December to May at Oak Marsh and Lost Spur Golf Clubs. Below is a schedule of up coming events:
 • December - 43 % of your score, Putting (Dave Pelz Technique)
 • January - The Short Game Chip, Wedge, Sand (Dave Pelz Technique)
 • February - Full Swing with Body Balance trainers Joe Wavera and Dave Weiber
 • March - Video Full Swing, Club Fitting with Tim Dubois
 • April - Course Management and the Mental Game with hypnotist Susan Slack
 • May - Rules and Etiquette with PGA rules official

These 2-hour evening classes start with a slideshow presentation, and are full of useful information for the beginner as well as the advanced player. In the remaining hour, the groups break out into different rotations working on grip, stance, aim, and swing techniques. The information is very unbiased and applies to all golfers. The evening ends with a brief summary, and the students leave with handouts and a practice routine that they can apply at home during the winter months.

The previous two winter series were a big hit with area students, and many of them felt as though they were 'ahead of the curve' going into the spring golf season here in Minnesota. Click for more information and secure online registration or call me at 651-730-8886.

Whether you hit balls in a dome, putt at home, or come to a Winter Series clinic, try to keep your foot in the door and a club in your hand during this slow season of golf. Good luck and I'll see you at the club!

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