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Winter Time Golf - November 2007
By David La Pour

Well we have made it through another season of golf in Minnesota. Or have we? Last year, we played eleven out of twelve months at Oak Marsh and other WP Golf properties. So much for golf being a summer time sport!

This will be my fourth winter up here in the Great White (?) North, and I've come to appreciate how enjoyable fall and maybe winter golf can be. The courses are open, not crowed, and usually offer good discounts. I've mentioned in the past that golf is really a twelve-month a year sport, and global warming or whatever you want to call it is making me even more of a believer. Our courses will generally stay open as long as there is no snow or frost on the ground and there is daylight.

If you want to play, we recommend you wear warm golf gloves. For you diehards, one of the reasons we are not open when there is snow/frost on the ground is to protect the grass from being damaged. This way, the course can recover sooner in the spring. (It can also be difficult to find a ball in a snowdrift.)

I've got a few suggestions if you do find yourself with a little cabin fever, wanting to get out on the course:
• First stay warm with golf gloves, pocket warmers, a flask of your favorite warm beverage, golf cart shields, and whatever you can think of to keep you warm while not restricting your golf swing too much.
• Try to use a soft golf ball like a ProV1, Nike Platinum or Precept Lady so when you hit the ball it doesn't feel like a rock.
• Realize that your yardage may be the same, but for different reasons. What I mean by this is that the cold temperature will inhibit the compression of the ball and limit the actual distance the ball carries. On the other hand, because the ground is very firm (frozen) and there is very little (dormant) grass on the course, the ball may end up going farther than it did in the summertime. (For example, I hit my eight iron 150 yards in the summer with 2 yards of roll, and in the winter I hit my eight iron 130 yards with 20 yards of roll.)
• Give those putts a rap! The greens may be slow and fuzzy because they haven't been cut in a while. Play less break because of the slow greens.
• Hit the clubhouse at the turn for some coffee or just to warm up.
Don't forget that the winter is one of the best times to take a lesson. I have posted the Winter Series Schedule on the website, and I will be teaching at Totally Driven in Oakdale as well as the Goodrich Golf Dome in Maplewood. You can contact me at dl@davidlapourgolf.com or call me at Oak Marsh 651-492-6896.

Good luck with your winter golf and stay warm!

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