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Dear Golf Student – Welcome to: Results Based Coaching (RBC®)! Did you know the old model of just beating balls, and driving range lessons is broken? After 30 years of coaching golf, I find myself in a fortunate position to do the thing I love most, exclusively coach and help others play great golf! I know that this may not be a big surprise to many of you but being independent of employers has allowed me to focus my career on helping students reach their goals of enjoying and playing better golf. Supported by the Results Based Coaching approach which combines Play, Individual, Team, & Virtual coaching methods, your golf game is guaranteed to get better!

The RBC Process:
  • Step #1 Goals and commitment - We will work together to clearly define your goals and your commitment level and track your 30, 90 & 180 day progress to ensure success)
  • Step #2 On course and off course game assessments - Used to determine strengths and weaknesses to develop your personalized Game Plan for improvement (play, practice & equipment).
  • Step #3 TPI physical assessment & injury avoidance session which will allow us to find out about your mobility and stability while playing healthy.
  • Step #4 Personalized Game Plan - We will sit down to create a personalized plan to ensure a clear path to your success using the RBC method.

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