Facility Consultant

Practice Facility & Learning Center Consulting

Thank you for taking the time to consider using me as a consultant on your project. Whether you are looking to make productive use of practice space, develop new space, or build a learning center, I offer over 30 years of experience in practice facility usage and 20 years of consulting. I have taught in over 35 cities in the United States including seven different learning centers such as the Dave Pelz Short Game golf schools in Boca Raton, FL, The Ranch at PGA West, Cordillera Club in Edwards CO, Centennial GC in Brewster NY, and Colleton River Club in Bluffton SC.

Services provided:

  • Facility Consulting Visit with written report
    • Learning Centers
    • Short Game Areas
    • General practice range/area
  • Interactive Website landing space for project (private)
    • Basic content with additional information as project progresses
  • Communication
    • E-mail
    • Phone/text availability
    • Zoom or other video calls
    • Follow up visit (see pricing)


All of the services above are included in the initial consult which is $1,000 plus travel expenses. After initial visit, the half day rate for a visit is $500 and the day rate is $800.

Please consider the use of my services as buying stock in the future of your facility. The time, energy, and aggravation that I can save you with your project will help you get the most out of your facility and maximize its success for years to come.

David La Pour