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    What is RBC? Results Based Coaching is a new approach to an old problem: Golf enjoyment and improvement. Here is how it works:

    • Step #1 Goals and commitment We will work together to clearly define your goals and your commitment level and track your 30-, 90- & 180-day progress to ensure success.
    • Step #2 On course and off course game assessments – Used to determine strengths and weaknesses to develop your personalized Game Plan for improvement (play, practice & equipment) .
    • Step #3 TPI physical assessment & injury avoidance session which will allow us to find out about your mobility and stability while playing healthy.
    • Step #4   Personalized Game Plan – We will sit down to create a personalized plan to ensure a clear path to your success using the RBC method.

    How much time commitment is this program?

    The time commitment is dependent on what goals you’d like to realistically like to accomplish and incorporating a timeline in your Personalized Game Plan.

    What would my practice routine look like?

    Your practice routines will look very different now that we are using the RBC program. We take a goal from your Game Plan, learn how to best accomplish this goal using block, random, and play techniques until you reach obtainable results!

    How do we keep track of stats?

    You can keep track of your stats using Golf Stats Coach, a scorecard, or other smart phone application.

    What is benchmarking?

    Your benchmarking will start with the assessment and then go into the goal setting complete with skill tests. I use the 70% rule of success in your block and random practice to move the needle. To find out more click here.

    How Much?

    The initial assessment is $120 for 2 hours on the course and includes a Personalized Game Plan for improvement. From there, you will be given options on how to achieve the results you want!

    How is this different to other programs?

    The RBC (Results Based Coaching) program uses Play, Group, Individual, and Virtual coaching techniques that cater to you reaching your ultimate golfing goals. Since no student learns the same way, this program is very different than what you have done in the past and is guaranteed to get you results!

    How are you different than other instructors?

    I am a coach who will take a personal stake in you and walk along with you on your golfing journey. I guarantee the results you desire if you follow my RBC program.

    What are your qualifications?

    If you need my qualifications, please check my testimonies and bio on my website. All I need from you is a personal commitment. I’d be happy to supply additional references if you’d like.

    What if I can’t make a session?

    Although golf has a very small margin of error, I do not. We work margin into your Game Plan timeline so you can make the most of the RBC program.

    Has anyone like me been successful?

    I have portfolio of students just like you that have taken on the challenge of getting better at this great game of golf and succeeded. Honestly, if I did not see succeed over the last 30 years, I would have gotten out of the golf business a long time ago and done something else.

    Will my team/group be the same skill level?

    The team/group skill levels come in all different shapes and sizes. Part of the RBC training is to allow for different skill levels to be in the same group environment including playing together.

    What’s the difference between a team training session and a clinic?

    Team training is very specific to what you are working on, (not the team) so most of the time, the subject is different. These could be called mini lessons which gives the golfer time to work on different things but together.

    Will I get worse before I get better?

    No! Most students do not get worse but start improving immediately using the RBC method. Remember, anything worthwhile takes time, patience, and guidance.

    How much do I have to practice?

    Surprisingly, not as much as you’d think and much of it at home! We value quality over quantity which is why we spread your improvement over four different environments. Your Game Plan will guide you.

    Do I have to pay all at once?

    We prefer an upfront commitment but will allow monthly payment options.

    How many tournaments are included?

    See the RBC Flyer for more info on programming.

    Why teams instead of individual sessions?

    Humans usually learn using several abilities in different environments which stimulate learning. It’s part of the process.

    Is it Mixed sexes?

    Sometimes the team and play components are co-ed but if you bring your own team, we will accommodate and allow a custom team.

    Will I get to go on the golf course?

    Yes! The RBC program uses 25% Play, Group, Individual, and Virtual methods of learning. Sometimes, our coaches will play along with you.

    Do you offer a discount?

    Junior golfers (age 6-15) get a discount.

    How fast can you cure my slice?

    How fast can you learn? Usually in one lesson.

    How will you guarantee my results?

    The Results Based Coaching program guarantees results by offering a baseline assessment, Game Plan for improvement supported by the four techniques mentioned above. If, after the program and commitment to sticking with the assignments, you have not reached the goals that we initially set forth, we will work with you until we get the desired results!

    How long before I get the results?

    Everyone is individual and results are based on a case-by-case bases.

    How many sessions?

    The RBC has four different programs to choose from and depending on your desired results, you and your coach will choose the right one for you.

    What hours do you operate?

    We operate Monday – Saturday 10 am to 4 pm.

    How do I get started?

    You can start your RBC journey immediately by scheduling an assessment by clicking here or contacting us at

    How do I pay you?

    We accept all major credit cards, Venmo, and cash.